We fight for Women Recognition within the society; in all spheres of development and leadership, at the work place, their homes and communities, nationally and globally. This movement views non-recognition of women as an act of gross injustice in terms of due or withheld recognition. The emphasis is in the distinctness and value of women contributions in various fields and thus this movement (GWRM) demands the right for appropriate and full recognition where it is due.

GWRM believe that sustainable development and inclusive economic growth can be achieved only by associating development and respect for human rights. Human  rights of women and girls, are often challenged, threatening the progress achieved so far in terms of global human rights movement. Worldwide gender disparities and discrimination against women and girls persist. Yet, the achievement of gender equality and women’s empowerment would unleash the full potential of half the world’s population. It is a prerequisite and driver of poverty eradication, sustainable development, peace, security and most of all human rights.

Platforms & Events

—Recognition Awards For Women in different spheres in society (Science, Teaching, Aerospace, Law, Finance, etc..)

—Recognition Projects

—Recognition International Business Conferences, Marches and Awareness Campagnes

—Recognition Luxury Goods lines and Jewelry

—Recognition Media, Broadcast, Art, Acting and Photography

—Recognition Story-Telling; Music, Broadcasting, Reading, Movies & Theatre, Art, Writing, and Education

—Recognition of (WOC) Women-Of-Color and Gay Women


The Honorary Statue;

A woman looking high up “the One who looks at the mountains” with her right hand lighted high up as well. The indication is

  • Authority
  • Confidence
  • A sturdy presence towards whom all eyes gazed
  • Intelligence



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