Fostering Social Change Philanthropy

image Philanthropy  means “The love of mankind” associated with charity. It is a powerful force affecting the quality and values of human race. Robert Payton said: “Philanthropy has come to be known in the 20th century as voluntary action for public good, through voluntary action, voluntary association and voluntary giving.”

“Philanthropy” is a powerful force affecting the quality and values of the human race. For over 6000 years, philanthropy has funded wars, erected temples, built universities, established movements, preserved cultures and changed the course of world history. GWRM has positioned itself therefore to fill this gap by going beyond just developing platforms or giving towards women recognition, but as well as to create and partnering in projects whereby education, infrastructure, transportation, economic and social development can be highly impacted through our philanthropic work. We are ready to roll-up or sleeves! We would like to see change and growth especially in developing countries.
Despite overwhelming data that demonstrates the importance of investing in women’ s health, education and leadership, few resources are allocated for women s’ rights. We are focusing on their timely and due recognition, rightfully so for their contributions to social and scientific development. In Europe, only 6.5% of total private foundation euros are given to programs that address the rights of women and girls. Rarely are these euros directed towards groups that empower women at the grassroots level. The situation is worse in many parts of the world where it is immensely difficult for women ‘s groups to access any resources, whether from international or local donors.


GWRM recognizes the stagnation caused by lack of funds and lack of donors. And we are working in raising, attracting awareness in funding women’s rights initiatives, events and social development work. We believe in putting funds in our campaigns and events but also we are prepared to put funds directly into the hands of women’s groups working in support of human rights and social change – action that will achieve justice and transform systems, institutions and cultures that are at the root of injustice.

Unsung heroines: 5 women denied scientific glory


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