Welcome Massage

Re PLICCWe welcome you to GWRM. Bienvenue, Welcome!!!

This is your cause, it is our cause, it belongs to anyone who would like to see a free world: free of poverty, a world free of discrimination and a world which embraces both female and male leadership. My name as some of you may already know is Re PLICC, but officially known as Cebile S. Ridge MBOKAZI. On behalf the executive leadership of GWRM, I would like to welcome you. As a co-founder, I am very passionate about human rights, specifically women’s rights and the issue of women recognition. It is without a doubt a higher calling. It is our desire to defeat the set of beliefs and actions of ignorance that enslaves women and deprived our youth and our men of female role-models.

At GWRM we understand what it feels like when institutions withhold good things from people, things that are actually due to you; Things like education, qualifications, skills development, fair salary/recognition/increase, respect and so forth. Many women are overlooked and their contributions go unnoticed.

As a woman myself, I also understand what stereotypes and bigotries women are faced with on daily basis. I am very much familiar with withheld recognition. I am propelled by my own experiences, but what moves me even more is my mother’s stories, my sisters stories, my girlfriends stories and many other women and girls experiences: I am moved by your stories. We are moved by each other’s stories; Together we can make a difference!

GWRM discourages global gender disparities. We encourage women to dare get involved in all worlds & different fields and gender should not hinder them. Furthermore, this movement sincerely believes that if all people are fairly recognized; nations would blossom.

Thank You!


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