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Identity is ‘partly shaped by recognition or its absence. Recognition platforms within a particular industry enhances skill, talent and the appreciation thereof, but significantly it also increases value of both the people and the products. Here GWRM has created these platforms in order to add and increase value in women but also their fields of occupation.

The annual Global Women Recognition Movement Awards – also known as The V&V Awards (Virtue & Victory Awards); will open for submissions December 01/2014. Entries Close Friday 30 May 2015. The first GWRM Award Ceremony will be held in South Africa Saturday, 8th August 2015.

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We invite men and women alike to consider submitting a nomination, a suitable female candidate for these Awards. Ethics argues that virtue consists largely in striving for harmony with other people. It includes questions about justice, law, property, and the rights and obligations of the citizen. We are looking for an opportunity to award such women; women who are conscious and determined to be virtuous citizens. We are grateful to these women.

Ascension to humanity in a higher level begins in the hearts of each of us. When we raise the other, we raise ourselves. “Gratitude is not just the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others”~ Cicero

Women victors who against  all odds prevail in leading with grace and dignity. We award victory as well because we understand that countries and companies can be competitive only if they develop, attract and retain the best talent, both male and female. While governments have an important role to play in creating the right policy framework for improving women’s access and opportunities, it is also the imperative of companies to create workplaces where the best talent can flourish. Civil society, educators and media also have an important role to play in both empowering women and engaging men in the process. But most governments, and some public and private companies neglect their responsibilities and nations suffer because of this shortcoming. Therefore we intend honouring women who prevail through these circumstances.

We believe that if more women are recognised, even more women would be trusted with leadership roles and that way the worlds economy would change for the better. The annual Global Women Recognition Movement (GWRM) Awards recognise the exceptional work of women’s virtue and victory. The GWRM recognises and rewards outstanding examples of virtue and victory in accordance with best practice standards. These women could come from all walks of life, from diverse fields and these are women who would have never been recognised if it was ‘not for GWRM. Therefore as an organization we set out to search for such women and it is without a doubt that we take absolute pride in that.

The Annual GWRM Awards are presented to those Organisation and women leaders who have achieved outstanding success from innovative and effective leadership practices. There are 13 categories, catering for all areas of leadership.

This gives women from across the globe an opportunity to be awarded the best contribution, capability, intellect and skill  for the following categories;

  • Best Mentorship (Women to Women) Award
  • Best Engagement & Inclusivity Program (Shire/Rural) Award
  • Best Basic/Higher Education & Teacher Award
  • Best Women of Colour Leadership Award
  • Best Community Charity and Municipality Award
  • Best Advocacy/Public Affairs Award
  • Best Social Justice/Human Rights/Environmental Award
  • Best Sports/Music/Television And Arts Award
  • Best Science/Technology and Aerospace Award
  • Best “Take A Girl Child To Work” & Youth Mentorship Award
  • Best Business Creativity and Innovation Award
  • Best Media and Communication Award

Three finalists will be selected by the judges for each category. All awards (finalists and winners) will be announced at the GWRM Awards for Virtue & Victory; Presentation Dinner on the 08th August 2015 at The Grace in Rosebank , Johannesburg.

The category entered must have been active anytime in the 14 months prior to the closing date  (30 May 2017). Anyone in leadership who specialises in human rights social movements, NGO’s, science & technology, Aerospace, communications, public relations, marketing, engagement, advocacy or media can nominate for an award.

Entries close end of May 2017.

Selection Committee and Judging Process:
Judges will be looking for growth and leadership programs that show the application of professional leadership principles to generate measurable success within the society. The judging panel consists of international foremost leadership minds, professionals and experts from different industries and academia and it includes our very own Re; co-founder and president of GWRM/FRMF(Mouvement Mondial De Reconnaissance Des Femmes)

Award Submission:
All award submissions should be sent to or online at by 30th May 2017

Thank you for your nominations!


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