We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give(Winston Churchill).

Who is illegible to give;
  • Individuals: All giving is made by individuals. Some give on behalf of a corporate, or a foundation or the country they represent.
  • Anonymously Donor: GWRM honour and respect anonymous donations.
  • Partners, members and stakeholders
  • Corporates: Businesses linked with GWRM to their image or their future profitability. We are interested to organisations that are perfectly aligned with their giving objectives with our goals and objectives.
  • Foundations (or Trusts):  Trust Deeds; investing in our cause.
  • A Foreign Government or Agency: Governments in the first world are urged to support the developing world. Most governments use independent agencies (such as USAID – America or CORDAID – European Union) to manage their grants to community organisations.
GWRM appreciates and benefit from all types of giving or donations; Bequests or endowments, gifts in kind, volunteer time and skill are sources of support other than money donations acceptable to us.

Women and girls around the world are bravely standing up for their human rights. Our fundraising team respects the following Donor Bill of Rights, your generous tax-deductable gift will support our organisation in creating a better future for women and girls and their communities.


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