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Tree of womenGlobal Women Recognition Movement is a firm believer of PPP’s public private partnerships, therefore we do not only recognize women but we also participate in engagements  with governments. We participate in International Conventions, International Conferences and General Assemblies. We firmly recognize religion as a great influence on society cultural behavior and therefore we engage religious institutions as well by sitting down with them in different talks in order to highlight the issues of human rights of women in society and how we can together build a better future for our young youth and the entire nations. We encourage you to write to us and share your story. Send us an email, we would love to be motivated by your stories. Your stories could vary in all sorts of ways, it could be an organisation withholding benefits from you for no apparent reasons other than the fact that you are a women. It could be your company paying you less than your male colleagues who is doing the same job, it could be your organisation refusing your training and skills development by only awarding it to male counterparts, it could be your deceased husband’s family withholding your money,…share your experiences. The movement is willing to sign confidentiality clauses to protect your identity where needed.


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